We service and repair all types of watches from quartz to mechanical.

Servicing includes

Complete strip down of the watch mechanism.
Worn parts are replaced with brand new genuine parts.
Ultrasonic cleaning of components.
The case and bracelet are separately  ultrasonically cleaned and refurbished if necessary.
The movement is completely re-lubricated and regulated.
A series of tests for timing.


A full 12 month warranty is offered on all full service work.


10 thoughts on “Servicing

  1. Hello. Is it possible to repair worn coating on inside of s watch. It is not stainless steel, but I would like to keep and wear it occasionally because of good memories about its previous owner.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Sergei, apologies for the late reply. Unfortunately we don’t do replating and I’m not even sure who could help. Sorry I’m unable to help you on this occasion. Regards, Andrew

  2. Can you repair a replica Omega sea master watch which has stopped working all of a sudden?

    1. Hi Jim, I generally don’t touch the replicas simply because I can’t get parts. Sorry I can’t help you on this occasion. Regards, Andrew

  3. Hello i have a Rolex submariner about 25 years old. It’ needs a service. Interested. Thanks

    1. Hello Stephen, my deepest apologies for the delayed reply there’s seems to have been an issue with messages not coming through to me via the website. If yours still looking to for an estimate to have your watch serviced give me a call on 0857412365 or shop number 0429665996. Once again I’m very sorry for the delayed reply. Best regards, Andrew

    1. Hi Paul, apologies for the delayed reply I only just seen your message. Yes we can. If you’d like to give us a call on 042 9665996 we can have a chat about your watch. Best regards, Andrew

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