Services Offered

Pressure Testing

In preparation for pressure testing.

  • All gaskets / O-rings are inspected and replaced if necessary.
  • The watch is then sealed and tested to the manufactures ratings.


Available for: all metal watch bracelets

Timescale: 1 week approximately

Prices: €25*

During a steam clean

  • The bracelet is removed from the case.
  • The parts are thoroughly cleaned
  • The bracelet is ultrasonically cleaned and steam cleaned with a pressurised water system before drying.
  • The bracelet is re-attached to the case and checked to guarantee future security.

* Some bracelets may not be suitable to be steam cleaned due to condition or age. Our service team will advise on inspection of your watch.

Case and Bracelet refinishing

The watch case and bracelet are dismantled and then all parts are polished by hand, once done they are ultrasonically cleaned and reassembled